Sunday, September 28, 2008


I was in charge this month for my card swap so I chose the theme Halloween Goodies with a note that it didn't have to be candy. The ladies in my group are so creative! Here are a few of the things they came up with. (Click on the image to enlarge it) Ghost Poop
Don't shiver, don't shake
It's not a mistake. The ghost was afraid.
He just couldn't have stayed!
So he left on the stoop his white ghostly poop!!
Happy Halloween

Here is a mummy that would hold candy inside. You could use a toilet paper roll and cover with strips of torn muslin. Then glue on the eyes and put on a bottom. Very cute!

These are tic tacs wrapped in cardstock with a little window.

Here is a bracelet in Halloween colors wrapped around the cats neck. I never would have thought of this.

I did Spooky Slime. It was a flubber recipe I found. It was so fun to make with the kids and it has been a HUGE HIT! They play with it all the time. I decorated a 2.5 oz clear top tin to put it in.
Here is a picture of the "slime". I used Papertrey Ink's stamp set Spooky sweets II. I LOVE this set.
Flubber recipe
Container 1:
1-1/2c warm water
2 cups elmers glue (4 bottles) You can find this on sale at walmart or target
food coloring (a few drops) I did 6 blue and 8 red to get purple

Container 2:
1-1/3 c warm water
3 tsp Borax (laundry isle at Walmart)

1. Mix ingredients in each conatiner thoroughly. What do they look like? How are they different?
2. Pour container 2 into container 1. Gently lift with your hands until it absorbs the liquid. This takes a few minutes. What do you observe? What does it feel like?
3. Place on a cookie sheet and flatten a little. Let the excess liquid drip off, if there is any. Cut into desired sizes.
Have a Happy Halloween!

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Heidi said...

Hi Kris! Those Halloween treats turned out so cute! I was sad that all of my things were packed up so I couldn't join in the fun! I will definitely miss all of the creativity of the group! Hope things are going well for you guys! Tell Bryce and McKenna that I say hello!