Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My two boys, Parker and JD, are the only ones at home right now. We inherited this little jeep from Grandpa Grout and they can't get enough of it! Aren't they the cutest?
Fortunately for me they get along very well. Parker is 3 going on 14 and quite the little man. This jeep is perfect for him. He feels so grown up.
Today I needed them to take a stinky diaper to the garbage but it was at the top of our driveway because today is garbage day. So off they go in the jeep to deliver it!


Marisa said...

Hey, you've been Tagged! Check out my blog for details.

Bob said...

Holy Cow is that Parker that looks just like a little Jason?
I can't believe how time flies! And "only" 2 at home! That means 5in school right? Wowsers.