Thursday, April 23, 2009


Man, I have been bad about updating on my progress! Since January 6th, I have lost 25 lbs. I have at least 5 more to go. Over Spring Break I stayed at 152, but now I am losing again. it might be due to the stress of having to speak on Sunday, plus sing. AHHHHH! Have I ever mentioned how much I hate to speak in front of people?

I just have to say that the Turbo Jam workouts have really shaped my body into something that looks lean and fit. My arms are longer and skinnier, but I actually have muscle there! Woohoo!
My butt is sore thanks to all of the squats and lunges. :0) The thing I LOVE about Turbo Jam is that the workouts are FUN! I actually look forward to working out. The music is awesome and I really let go....Thank goodness it's only my kids that get to watch me dance around like a crazy woman. LOL I HIGHLY recommend Turbo Jam. There is a learning curve involved in becoming familiar with the moves, but once you do it a couple of times you can just rock out without having to listen to the instructor tell you over and over again what to do. With other workouts it's like, "Okay, I got it already, can we move on?" I memorized the Pilates moves and some Betty Crocker workout video (is that an Oxy moron?) so that I could do them when I travel or don't have a lot of time to exercise.
I will post a picture soon!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break Activities

Prepare to be bombarded with pictures! For Spring break I tried to do something with each one of the children. Jason and I went shopping together for some new pants...that boy needs to stop growing! We had fun. Emi and I attempted to learn how to sew. I found this cute pattern for these bags. I thought they would be easy....HA! But we managed to get it figured out. :0) It was like the blind leading the blind. LOL
I changed a few things. I used ribbon for the handles instead of fabric and I added flowers. I think they turned out pretty cute. We made one for each of the girls and for my niece, Tori, who just turned 8.

This flower is from the pretties kit that Stampin' Up! sells. The button is one of the corduroy buttons that SU! has in the Occasions mini catty that just came out. I LOVE these buttons!

With the leftover fabric we made aprons. I used ribbon again for the straps and PTI buttons. These little aprons are so cute. It is just a square piece of fabric. I made one for each of the girls and Tori.

Josh wanted in on the picture. What a character!

Kenna and I made TONS of cookies. We made Peanut butter chocolate chip, butterscotch chocolate chip, and TWO batches of Snickerdoodles because they are daddy's favorite. I freeze them in a big ziploc bag and then just pull them out as needed.

This is a picture of an accident we had. Josh fell off of our benches onto our dutch oven and tore his ear. They glued it back together. Not pretty, eh?

Of course we have to get a picture of the babies. They are growing so quickly! They are rolling and scooting. They are seriously the BEST babies I have ever had. So happy and they love to hold hands and talk to each other.

We had the Pinewood derby. Here was Bryce's car, Lightening McQueen. Too bad Dad wasn't here to help.

It wasn't very fast, but it was the best looking car there. :0) I found out later we were supposed to graphite the wheels or something?? Oh, well....

Bryce and I also went to see "Race to Witch Mountain". I have seen it twice now. Is it just me or is Dwayne Johnson smokin' HOTT?! :0) That's not why I saw it twice, though....
I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into my life!