Friday, June 26, 2009

How'd I do it??

That is the main question I have been asked over and over. I just wanted to post here exactly what I did for my exercise routine. I am a firm believer that it doesn't matter WHAT you do as long as you are doing something! However, I have found that Turbo Jam had everything that I was looking for and it gave me the results I wanted. I want to be lean, but toned.
So, I make sure I do cardio everyday. That is what really helped me burn the fat. I try to do 40 minutes. Then I will alternate between working my butt one day, my abs the next and twice a week I work my whole body using weights. I also mix in some pilates to help strengthen my back. I have had bad back problems ever since Highschool and my chiropractor told me Pilates is the best thing for it. Then I throw in some extra crunches for good measure to really tone my poor stretched out tummy muscles.
So there you have it! Anyone can do this....all it really takes is for you to DECIDE you are going to do it, COMMIT to doing what is necessary, and you will SUCCEED!
So, I want to hear other people's success stories. :0)
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Friday, June 5, 2009


Okay, so posting pictures is soooo embarassing! But I am pretty proud of myself. I didn't honestly know if I could do it or not, especially after having a c-section. I mean, how many times can your skin be stretched out before it finally says, "That's it. I'm staying right here."

So just for a reference, this is me at my HEAVIEST! I weighed over 200 lbs. Granted I was pregnant with twins, but still. Not pretty.
Here I am 7 months later. I am wearing my skinny, SKINNY jeans. The pair I thought I would NEVER EVER get back into because I didn't think my HIPS would ever shrink again. You know what the best part is?? My husband gave me the greatest compliment today while taking this photo. He said, "I am amazed by you. I can't believe you had the will power to do it!" Probably in reference to me getting up every morning and exercising...It felt soooo GOOD to hear it from him! :0)

Here is a picture of my tummy. I thought I would never show my tummy to anyone again. My sister wanted to see the difference. So, Spring, this is for you even though I am mortified!
I am trying to convice her that Turbo Jam is WAAAAYY better than Tae Bo. :0P
I'm hoping that my skin will shrink even more. I'm giving it a year....
So there you have it.
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Teacher Gifts

So ever since my last venture in learning how to sew, I have gotten to be a little more confident, thanks to NOT breaking any needles in the first five minutes. YAY! So I saw a friend with this gorgeous bag and I thought, "I HAVE to make one of those!" She was kind enough to take the time to teach me. Here is the first bag I did. I LOVE this bag! It is so pretty and there are pockets inside to hold a water bottle and pens and another pocket to hold other items. So I made one for my mom for Mother's Day. It got easier so I decided to make one for my elementary kids teachers, 4 in all.
Here is one of the bags I made for the teachers. Different fabric. I can now make one in less than a day, easy! My hubby is rolling his eyes because I have yet ANOTHER hobby that costs money. Still cheaper than paying for therapy... :0)
I also made these little thank-you note holders using Lauren Meader's Timeless Timeplate, Captured Card Case. So easy. I just print, cut, score, assemble and decorate! The sentiment was perfect. It's from PTI's Teacher's Apple stamp set.

Inside are 10 little thank you notes and envelopes to match. I made the envelopes myself using Lauern Meader's easy instructions. I also made a pen to match that can be kept inside the box.
The little envelope holds mongrammed lables to seal the envelopes with.

The kids are giving them out today. I hope they like it! Mostly I just wanted to give them something that would be useful and NOT fattening. I'm sure they get tons of goodies at the end of the year. :0) Anyway, just thought I would share what I do with some of my free time.
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