Thursday, August 20, 2009

That's right....MORE REUNION PHOTOS!

My brother, Alan , left on Tuesday of that week, but my sisters, Teresa and Spring, arrived with their handsome husbands.

Here is Adam. He is married to Teresa and they have the CUTEST little boy named, Dylan. I was so happy to see them!
This is Lars. He is married to Spring. He is the reason my son , Jason, wants to learn Chinese. :0) I'm so glad our crazy family didn't scare these guys off. They are a lot of fun.

Here is Grandpa chasing Dylan. Dylan is such a happy little guy. I love his gap-toothed smile. LOL Reminds me of Teresa when she was little.

My Gorgeous sister, Teresa. AS you can see, no more gap in the front teeth. LOL

Spring holding Dylan.

My brother, Bob, and his wife, Ewa. My grandpa was leaving the next day.

We played hand and foot that night with my Aunts. Here is my mom sporting her SpongeBob Squarepants pants.
Here are my beautiful Aunts. My mom on the left, my Aunt Joann with her adorable dog, Cooper, and my Aunt Marie. These women are amazing. They have come through some pretty great trials in their life and even struggle today with some things. They mean a great deal to me because they have such great strength and that gives me determination to get through what ever trials come my way.
Family has been on my mind a lot lately. I wish we were closer so that we could grow together, but I hope that we try to keep those connections that we formed when we were younger. We may not always agree, but we can still love each other. Those are my deep thoughts for today.
Thanks for stopping by and yes, there are more pictures to come. You DON'T want to miss those. I have some gorgeous pictures of the Tetons and surrounding countryside. B-E-A-Utiful!