Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I grew up as a tom-boy. I didn't start wearing make-up or even know how to put on make-up until I turned 30. So it is a mystery to me that I have girls that are girly-girl. We have a friend whose daughter has been in the Miss Colorado Outstanding Teen Pageant a couple of times and they need Princesses. So my girls JUMPED at the chance! But I have to admit they are gorgeous. Watch out, Rob!!!! Get that shot-gun ready....

The dresses were hand-made by Janet Kurihara. Her daughter, Sam, is in the pagaent. Aren't the dresses amazing?

Bug even has the Princess Pout down already. Here we are waiting for the big show to start.

Emi said that she would like to be in one of these pagaents. They can win a lot of scholoarship money. For the younger girls, they don't have the swimsuit competition. It is called the Fitness Wear competition. They are promoting healthy lifestyles and being fit. We'll see if she really means it or not...

I wish I had McKenna's eyebrows. She is so beautiful.

Bug's eyes are so gorgeous! Her poor little face. A few days before she was running to catch the bus and slipped and landed flat on her nose! It is bruised pretty badly, but her first question amidst her tears was, "Will they still let me be in the pagaent?" She is hilarious. One other time she got a big bump on her head and I asked her if she was okay and still wanted to go to the park. She said, "I'm fine, but I don't want to go to the park because I'm HIDEOUS!" Exact words...
I tried to cover the bruises as best I could with make-up.

Here's a side view of the hair. Thank you to show choir in 9th grade that helped me to learn how to do hair at least!

I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. :)
And it was cheaper than having someone else do it.

All that waiting around for the big moment. At least they feel like Princesses for a short time and that is what matters the most.