Monday, October 25, 2010

Emi's song

My daughter had written a song a few days before Alan died. She was so excited to share it with me. I didn't think much about it until today when I stopped to really read it. She is 11. I thought I would share it with you.

Would I?
By Emilyssa Nicole Tolman
Vs.1: If I were to ascend this very second, would I get in?
If He were to take me up, what would I do?
Would he take me up, that is my question, but
The bigger one is
Chorus: Would I be holy enough to look up?
Would I tremble in His presence?
Would I feel fear if He was present?
Would I be worthy to get the glory that might come,
If I were to go this very second?
Vs. 2: Would I be able to look up when he said your time is up?
Would I make it?
Would I be worthy?
Would I be holy?
Would I cower in His presence or would I stand tall?
If He were present would He look down at me and say
"Good job. You've made it to me."
Or would I hide my face too ashamed to say anything or
Would I be worthy enough?


Anonymous said...

and the child shall lead them by the hand. it is lovely Emi

Ashley said...

I am impressed. What a beautiful tender mercy.