Tuesday, April 27, 2010

SO much FUN!

I LOVE it when I make new friends! :) I have been going to the Recreation Center here in Parker for the last couple of weeks to play volleyball. Volleyball is an obsession of mine. It is very addicting....
The people there have been playing together for a while so I was nervous to come in. They don't know me or how I play and I haven't been playing as consistently as they have. But they were so welcoming and every time I go there is a group that is always inviting me to play with them. Then last night, they invited me to go out for tacoes. It was so much fun! These are the kind of people I wouldn't normally "hang out" with. They are men that are single from ages 30-50 and some women that are my age that are single and there are some guys that are married that have kids that play volleyball and then there are the 20 something kids that have youth and energy on their side. We play from 6:30PM to 10PM. They found out I have nine kids and they couldn't get over it....It was fun getting to know them and find out their stories.
Just thought I would share since my last post was such a downer....But you are never too old to meet new people and make new friends. That is my two cents for the day. :)
Thanks for stopping by! I will try to get pictures of them. I'm sure they will looooove THAT! LOL


Marisa said...

Good for you! That is a very diverse grouop. I wish I could play with you again ... you rock!

Adrienne said...

Nine kids!! Okay I knew that. BTW we would have been good friends if you didn't go move on me. Now we can be blogging friends instead :)

Shari Nelson said...

Hey Chris, how are ya? I enjoyed reading your last several posts. It's nice to be able to "catch up" with friends who have moved away. How is it in Colorado? Sounds like you are doing well there. How is the puppy? How are the children? Visit my blog sometime.
Talk to you later.