Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FINALLY the last of the reunion photos Part 2

The last day of reunion we went to the Teton Valley County Fair! The kdis got to see and pet the animals and then we let them ride a few rides. They were VERY expensive as only Jackson Hole can be. We had to pay to see the worlds BIGGEST pig! But you get to see it for free! LOL

WE also had to pay to see the worlds smallest horse.
Parker is brushing the cow.

It was a hot day so the snow cones were definitely appreciated. I couldn't believe how BIG they were!

After the kids and the grandparents were wiped out, Rob, Spring, Lars and I got to take a ski lift up to the top of the mountain to see Jackson Hole. It just happened to be me and Rob's 13th Anniversary.

A storm was rolling in so we had to take pictures fast because they close down the lift when it rains.

The ski lift operator. He said he gets asked to have his picture taken a lot. Gee, I can't figure out why. LOL

Trying to get off the lift was fun. Rob used me as his leverage to get off which held me in the chair so I almost got to go around again. Thanks, Rob! LOL

Well, that is it! Finally....It was a fun and memorable time and hopefully we'll do it again....in a couple more years. :0)

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