Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FINALLY the last of the reunion photos Part 1

The day before Teresa, Adam, and Dylan left, we went on a sight-seeing drive and hike. The first place we stopped was this mountain that apparently had an avalanche that changed that whole area. In this picture you can see where all the trees fell down the mountain leaving the dirt showing.

Here is all the debris. Some of the trees stayed standing and started growing where ever they fell. That was pretty cool.

We found a campground and had a picnic. It started to rain so we built a fire to get warm.

I LOVE Jason's smile when it is genuine. He is such a great kid and fun to be around.

On the drive back home, I saw the Teton mountains pop-up from around the hill and it was so amazing, I can't even describe it. The pictues just don't do it justice! You have to click to get a better view.

Here are some surrounding hills that were the prettiest colors. I would love to live out there somewhere when we retire and all.

This picture shows the Tetons with a river and a little waterfall coming into it. Beautiful.

This is just a random picture of the hail storm we got in JULY! Gotta love that mountain overpass.


Our Blessed Journey... said...

beautiful photos--looks like you had a great time with the whole gang!

Laura said...

LOVE your new picture! You look amazing! I am Turbo Jamming these days and seeing the change! Thank you for always being such an inspiring friend! Love you, Laura