Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Ty Alexander and Isabella Rose! We are calling them Ty and Isi for short. So I had my ultrasound on Friday and the babies were so funny! They were playing with each other by kicking the wall that goes between them. Ty got tired of it after a while so he turned around. Isi is quite the mover. She moves during the day a lot and then Ty moves at night. That isn't a good sign, I think. That means Ty will be up at night more! Ty likes to suck his thumb and Isi likes to put her hands folded under her chin when she's resting. I am getting sooooo excited to hold them!!!!
BTW, their ultrasound looked great! Their hearts are perfect and there are no markers for Downs. Isi turned head down which is good, as long as she stays that way.

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Melissa said...

Cute names! So it's been awhile since I checked out your blog. Also sounds like you've had a fun family road trip.
Take Care,
The MN Bradys :-)