Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Freezer Meals FRIDAY!

See these two beautiful women? I LOVE these women! Tami Lyman and Jenn Bronson. We decided to get together and do freezer meals. It was a learning process. :) We got together a couple days before and decided on some meals we wanted to make. My suggestion is to use meals that your family already eats so that you aren't introducing something new to them. They won't like it as well. We chose lasagna, chix enchiladas, chix and broccoli casserole, poppyseed chix casserole, then we did a soup base for chix tortilla soup and 6 lbs. of cooked hamburger (I added taco seasoning to mine for tacos, taco soup and nachos), and some chix marinated to grill, and also some chix for burritos. It was marinated in carne asada seasonings.

We gathered our grocery list based on ingredients and then looked online for the best prices. Jenn is a member of this online thingy (love the technical term) that shows you what the deals are in several local grocery stores. Ones in red are "stock up on it" prices. Ones in blue are a good deal but only get it if you need it. Walmart will match any price if you bring in the ad. So we had one person do the shopping at Walmart. We found great prices on chix breasts and hamburger. Hence a lot of chix dishes. :) We want to do more beef recipes next time. Then we just split the bill three ways. We figure we can each take turns doing the shopping and whose house we are cooking at.

We got together Friday morning and started cooking the meat. We discovered that some of the cooking can be done the night before so that we aren't just standing waiting for all the meat to cook. We had 60 lbs of chix and 18 lbs of hamburger and 3 lbs. of Italian sausage. YIKES!

Jenn, who is our health GURU, insisted we drain the hamburger and she even wanted to rinse it but we told her drained was fine. :) Here is all the fat we drained off the hamburger and sausage. Jenn even took paper towels and soaked up more grease. LOL she cracks me up. But thanks to her, we will be healthier. :)

I made lasagnas and the marinades and the enchiladas at the table. We did get some tinfoil pans to freeze them in, but a tip I learned is to put some Saran Wrap in your 9x13 pan and then put your food in it. Freeze it then pull it out by the Wrap and wrap it up and then wrap it in tinfoil. Then when you are ready to cook it, you pull the wraps off and place it back into your 9x13 pan and cook. This saves on pans and space in your freezer. They stack nicely. :)

We had a blast! Great conversation and it only took us 6 hours (with kids and lunch in the midst) to make:
1 meatless lasagna
1 lasagna with sausage
3 ziploc bags of chix marinated for the grill
3 ziploc bags of cooked taco meat (2lbs in each)
1 pan chix enchiladas
1 ziploc bag poppyseed casserole
1 pan chix and broccoli casserole
1 bag Spanish rice
1 bag chix carne asada marinade
2 bags chix tortillas soup base
Next we want to do a stew mix, chix pot pie, lentil soup, cafe rio meat, and some steak marinades. I am going to do some crepes to freeze. They are great for dessert or for putting chix marsala or other things in. 15 meals for $90 ( about $6 a meal) isn't bad for our family size, plus some of them give leftovers so they will last for more than one meal. I am using mine for when my parents come to watch the kids while hubby and I are in Hawaii.
You are welcome, Mom. :D
If you have any tips you would like to share, PLEASE DO! We are still learning. :) If you would like any of the specific recipes we used, shoot me an e-mail and I will send them to you. kristina@byu.net
Thanks for stopping by!


Marisa said...

I totally agree ... make meals that your family will eat. I like to make frozen meatballs ... love to save money doing that. I flash freeze them on cookie sheets, then pour them into ziploc bags. Sometimes I'll make the swedish meatball sauce, or spaghetti sauce and pour that in too. I have a ton of recipes on my food blog that I've made for the freezer. Ooh, now I have the itch ... I want to get cooking freezer meals!

bwebster said...


Here's my stew recipe, which of course can be adjusted for your own tastes:


When I make this, I make a very large batch (5 lbs meat) and then freeze most of it. ..bruce..

Adrienne said...

So freaking awesome. I would love all your recipes. My email is AdrienneHJensen (at) hotmail.com.

$6 a meal!!! Wow. I need to learn how to do that.

Mike and LuAnn (Nelson) Aldred said...

Wow..You have been busy! I wish I had some friends that liked to get together and do that or the kids lived closer and we could do that. Sounds all yummy! I also enjoyed reading your other blog content. I feel for your daughter and remember how I use to feel when I got sick with my heart. It is always good to have a mom that hugs! Mine did and it doesn't cure you but it helps you feel loved! Wishing you and her the best. Miss you emails but I haven't written either. Had pneumonia for 5 weeks and thought I would die or wished I could. Very painful and very sick! Love you and your family!

KT said...

What's the price match site " thingy" called. Let me know?

Kristina said...

I will let you know. First, just to make sure, who are you? :)