Thursday, July 30, 2009


On day two all of the guys went to Jackson to work at the towing company. That left Grandma, Great-grandpa and I with all of the kids. So we decided to visit the Teton Valley Historic Museum. I mean, Why not? The following pictures are what happens when you give the camera to the kids. It was fun to go back later and see what they thought was picture worthy. The BEST part was seeing how Jason posed the kids for the pictures. It was hilarious. So without further ado.....

Click on the photos to get a better view.

You have to click on this one of Bryce being the teacher. Bug's reaction was funny. :0)

This photo is of devices used in the war. The soldiers would leave these little boxes lying around houses and when enemy soldiers took over the house, they would stupidly open these boxes and....

BANG! Jason thought this was pretty funny and therefore, the picture.

Bryce was horrified to learn that they had to use magazine pages to wipe with. He was also acting out that the out house must have smelled bad. LOL

The nice ladies at the counter took this picture for us. That concludes this tour. Come back for more exciting photos of the rest of the reunion. :0)

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Our Blessed Journey... said...

Looks like you had a great time--it must be quite an ordeal to travel--esp. w/o daddy along!