Friday, December 26, 2008



I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! We certainly did. I think nothing is better than living Christmas through the eyes of my children. Their excitement gets ME excited! I also have to say that Rob is awesome at surprising me with things that I mention throughout the year and then forget about. He got me something that I REALLY wanted, even though he hates my crafty stuff. :) Big SMOOCHES to you, Rob!!! I hope he got things that he really wanted, too.

Jason kept thanking us over and over and the kids were heard to say, "This was the BEST Christmas EVER!" Now that is a compliment since we felt we didn't get them that much. :) With nine kids we try to get them ONE big present that everyone can use and then one individual present. We also have our children draw names and be a secret santa for someone in the family. They get soooooo excited they can hardly keep it a secret! LOL

MOST importantly, I love Christmas because it reminds me of the Greatest Gift we have ever received. We feel so extremely blessed!

*Alot has happened in the economy and some of the banks have had to close. We feel blessed that Rob works for Wells Fargo, a bank that is doing very well.

*We feel blessed that I haven't had to work outside of the home so I can teach my children.

*We feel blessed that McKenna is doing so well. I didn't ever think that she would be as healthy as she is. She will be baptized next year!

* We feel blessed to have had the twins come safely into our family! Their spirit touches this home everyday and blesses our other children.

*We feel blessed to have such a beautiful home that fits ALL of us and has some land for the children to run on.

*We feel very blessed to have friends and family that provide the love and support we need. My parents moved closer to us, and our dear friends, the Krons, moved to the same town as us and we are sooooo HAP-HAP-HAPPY to have them here!

I know I could go on and on, but these are the blessings we feel most thankful for this year.

May God bless each and every one of You! And may you feel His love throughout the following year as times may get harder. WE LOVE YOU!

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Laura said...

Happy Birthday Little Mama of Nine! YOU ROCK!! I couldn't think of someone better and more qualified to raise such a large and wonderful family! Have a wonderful day! Love you, Laura