Saturday, May 3, 2008

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!

So our license plate on our van says "8ISENUF". We are pregnant, but here is the kicker.....
So I guess we are going to have to change our license plate. When the doctor told me, I thought he was joking. I guess I asked for it, though. I told God that this was it so if he had any more kids for me he better send them now and He obliged. I am so excited and nervous and scared and tired. I need everyone's prayers that I can carry them long enough that they will be healthy and that there will be no complications. I will post ultrasound pictures and update you on the sexes. I find out July 11. Off to take a nap.....


KT said...

You are awesome....I will definately be praying for you. Good luck and if you need anything let me know!!!
We will be at Pine Lane next year so you can put me on the emergency list for your kiddos.
Seriously though- let me know if you need anything.

Marisa said...

Wow! That is crazy! But, if anyone can do it, you can! Congratulations!

Bob said...

I knew right away when you sent me an email saying you were still in shock.... You're so even keel that this would be one of the only things to shock you:-) You'll do great! We'll keep you all in our prayers. You're such a good mom!!! When are you due???
Take Care and Congrats!!!

bburgess said...

Congratulations! That is awesome! I've been thinking of you. You are an amazing mom.