Monday, March 3, 2008


Bryce got baptized March 1, 2008 which just happened to be his Birthday as well! He was really nervous about getting "dunked". I told him it would be very quick and at least the water was warm.

The Spirit was really strong during the meeting. The Bishop stood at the end to welcome him into the ward. He had tears in his eyes as he told Bryce that he was overcome with the love Heavenly Father feels for Bryce. I also had the image of Bryce fighting valiantly in the the pre-existence. What a special boy!

After the baptism and confirmation we spent the day celebrating his birthday. We went to Red Robin where they sang to Bryce, Parker and JD since they all have birthdays this week. They even got a free hot fudge Sunday. The other kids were more than happy to help the boys eat it. We also went to see 'The Spiderwick Chronicles". Then we went home and had pizza and played the new Wii game he got for his birthday. What a fun day!


Marisa said...

I love your pictures! I made Eliza come and sit on my lap while I read this post and her first words were, "How come Bryce gets to be baptized before me?" She's having a hard time waiting for her turn. I'm sure glad she doesn't have to wait too much longer!

Wish we could have been there! I miss Bryce ... he's such a sweet boy. It sounds like you had such a precious moment.

Bob said...

Happy Birthday & Baptism Day Bryce!
What a good choice you made!

The Brady Family (in Minnesota:-)

kellie said...

Congratulations! Bryce looks very happy. You have such a cute family. You are an amazing mom.